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API marketplace

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How the service works

You add an API

Specify the price for calling your methods, describe the input and output parameters

We make the API available to millions of customers

We publish your API in the catalog, provide access to it to users

Accept payments from users

We accept payments by card and bank transfer. We support different payment methods

We transfer money to your account

We pay money as to the account of a legal entity, as natural persons

Our service's benefits

Price management

Allows you to flexibly configure tariff plans: the cost of a subscription to the API, the cost of calling each method

User identification

RICAPI authorizes clients for you. You don't need to deal with storing or authenticating users.

API Statistics

Shows graphs of the number of customer hits to your API and projected revenue


Method calls and passed data are logged, which makes it easier to debug and find problems


Alerts about irregular actions in your logs and metrics, so you can quickly react to an emergency situation

Traffic balancing

Distributes the load across your resources, provides fault tolerance for your API

Attack protection

Ensures the safety and productivity of APIs, detects malware, prevents DDoS attacks and traffic anomalies

User notifications

Sending news about API changes to all stakeholders

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